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It is so important to communicate with your therapist so that we can change what is or is not working for you.  If the pressure is too deep, or not deep enough, if you are too cold or too hot, we can fix it, if we are aware.   Don't be shy!

Brenda Bolton

Swedish massage

I am a graduate of a 2200 hour massage therapy program in 2016, however I am NOT registered so I cannot offer receipts for benefit reimbursement.  I have been trained to treat various conditions, anything from autoimmune diseases to postural issues, muscle aches and pains, or simply relaxation.  My rate is $60/h in the Orillia area. My specialty is 90 minutes for $90 that way I can cover a full body and have a little time to focus on an area which may be causing you pain.   I will travel to other areas however, there will be additional fees to be considered. (advance payment of travel fees maybe required)

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