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Let Me Help You

Offering 2 different styles of massage to help you keep you functioning and living your best life.  Swedish massage, and Thai massage. Also offering reflexology.

Do you have a group event in mind? Retreat weekend? Girls getaway, stag party or couples weekend, maybe a staff appreciation day, please inquire.

Welcome to my Site

It is my wish to make massage accessible for everyone, of any age, with or without health concerns, affordable for those without benefits and for anyone with physical disabilities, in wheelchairs or perhaps even bedridden, just call or email me, I am sure that I can find a way to modify the positioning to accommodate.

Basic Understanding of a Massage

Massage has numerous benefits including, improved circulation, increased range of motion in the joints, decrease in stress and anxiety, improved sleep, decrease in pain, decrease in scar tissue, improve tissue health to promote and heal injuries.

Massage is generally done on a massage table with sheets to cover you.  I ask you to undress in private, to whatever your comfort level is and get on the table and cover yourself up before I return to the room.  Less clothing in this case is best to allow oil or lotion to be applied directly on the skin for smooth movements with Swedish techniques during skin to skin contact of hands, forearms or elbows during treatment.  Massage can be done with clothing on if you wish.  I also offer a chair massage which is more suited to those wearing clothing or if there is difficulty with laying down or to use in a group setting or a public function.  (staff appreciation day etc.) Your massage is custom made for you.  You choose the areas you would like worked on.  If you have ever heard the term full body massage, what that means is, head to toe with the exception of the genitals, breasts and abdomen.  Should you want the abdomen included or breast massage for those with conditions which may warrant treatment, it can be done, you just need to ask.  The genitals are your privates, they are none of my business, beyond my scope of practice, so DON'T EVEN ASK .

Thai massage is done on the floor on a thin mat.  You are fully clothed.  Shorts and t-shirt are preferrable.  Thai massage works on the Chinese meridians of the body and acupressure points.  It can be quite painful if you have issues, however it is temporary and very effective as a treatment.  It also involves stretching with assisted yoga poses.

​Reflexology is a gentle relaxing treatment on the feet that is effective in treating the whole body and body systems as there are reflexes in the feet for everything.  

Relax, let me treat you!

A Customer Said...

"She has magic hands"

Monica H.

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